SPART is an open-source modeling and control toolkit for mobile-base robotic multibody systems with kinematic tree topologies (i.e., open-loop multi-branched systems). SPART is MATLAB-based and ROS-compatible, allowing to prototype in simulation and deploy to hardware controllers for robotic systems.

Given a URDF description of a multibody system, SPART computes the system’s:

  • Kinematics – pose of the links and joints (i.e., rotation matrices and position vectors).
  • Differential kinematics – operational space velocities and accelerations, as well as the geometric Jacobians and their time derivatives.
  • Dynamics – generalized inertia and convective inertia matrices.
  • Forward/Inverse dynamics – solves both problems, including the floating-base case.

SPART supports symbolic computation and analytic expressions for all kinematic and dynamic quantities can be obtained.


SPART is released under the LGPLv3 license.


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